DFS Diamon plastic attachments
DFS Diamon plastic attachments

The range of DFS Diamon plastic attachments for split bridges consists of seven individual items: Tube Lock 0-2 (mini, small and standard), T-attachment micro, rod-attachment, mini-rest attachment and mortice-attachment which cover all dental technical attachment requirements in this segment.

All plastic attachments are manufactured from combustible plastic which burns residue-free and can therefore be casted with any dental alloy by modelling the attachment onto the wax objects. The attachments can be used for any fixed or partially removable bridge as well as for dental technical restorations with a precision rest due to the parallel and conical designs of the attachments. The lengthened plastic rod is inserted into the parallelometer. After the fixture the rod can be separated from the attachment with a scalpel and modeled into the anatomical shape of the crown.

The following attachments are interlock or intracoronal attachments and suitable for all teeth to equalize divergences of abutments. The ceramic pin helps avoid bubbles during the casting and allows and optimal guiding of the punch.

A range of biocompatible attachments for removable dentures have been newly developed with the interesting feature of two variants for perfect or tight fit.

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