Wax and instruments and material for wax
Wax and instruments and material for wax

Modelling instruments

The new product range of manual modelling instruments for the dental lab consists of high quality instruments, the design of which meets the industry standard technicians are familiar with. Five different waxing instruments PK Thomas (also available as a set), plus the modelling instruments LeCron and Zahle meet any wax modelling needs. This range also contains two Fahnenstock wax knives in different lengths.

Other indispensable instruments for the dental lab include the plaster and mixing spatulas, a soldering tweezer and the Mosquito-plier curved. A scalpel holder and replacement blades complete the range.

DFS Diamon has also developed the Titanoform double handle as an alternative to the modelling instruments. Seven different instrument ends are available with or without titanium nitride coating. The handles are anatomically shaped so that relaxed modelling is guaranteed.


The DFS Diamon silicone and wax wetting agent (debubblelizer) releases and smoothens silicone impressions and wax models. Applied with the pump spray bottle included in the set it leaves surfaces smooth and evaporates residue-free within 5-15 seconds.

After a short drying time the debubblelizer enhances the precision of reproductions, especially with inlays and weakly defined preparation edges. Crown inner parts and fine fissures are reproduced bubble-free, as are fine retention and bracket-parts of partial frameworks.

Wax and wax wires

DFS Diamon modelling wax is available in 60 g boxes in 5 different colors. The easy handling and optimized wax hardness facilitate the modelling process. The assortment also contains special waxes such as the dipping wax Flexidip to create elastic wax models that maintain their shape. A special cervical wax (increased hardness) and milling wax, undercut wax and stick-on wax complete the wax range. Wax wires are available in several diameters with 250 g each on a roll. Casting pears in diameters of eight and nine millimeters facilitate the casting canal modellation.

Okkluflex occlusal surface modelling

The Okkluflex system was developed by DFS Diamon for fast and easy modelling of gnathological occlusal surfaces, its unique system creates individual occlusal surfaces in 2-3 minutes. Okkluflex is available as a set containing 16 patterns and is made of transparent, highly tear-resistant Silcotex. The patterns can be used with wax, ceramics and composites; in case of ceramics we strongly recommend using the Kera-Sep spray for easy separating. The individual patterns are available as refills packed as 2 pcs.

Wax relief parts, wax patterns and accessories

Singles wax relief parts have been developed as a useful accessory for partial framework which can be easily attached with adhesive spray. The individual shapes are available as replacement (packaging unit 20 pcs) in addition to the intro set. This product segment also contains the Quattro Intro-Set consisting of four teeth per link, also available as replacement parts of 10 pcs each.

DFS Diamon wax patterns contain a range of well-established wax patterns. In addition to the usual patterns such as molar clasps, ring clasps, bonyhard clasps and other, we also offer preparation wax and casting wax.

The DFS Diamon ultrafine wax smoothing brush is a useful accessory to smoothen wax surfaces. New products include wax rims, an extrahard base plate wax and a sticky wax. A newly developed wax disc for CAD/CAM applications was added for the digital milling process. 

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