DFS Diamon carbide burs for the dental lab
DFS Diamon carbide burs for the dental lab

DFS Diamon tungsten carbide burs

DFS Diamon has decades of experience in developing and manufacturing dental tungsten carbide cutters and masters the latest manufacturing technology. This combination ensures that technicians can rely on DFS Diamon instruments to be high performing tools with exceptionally long lifetimes. Several technical features that deliver tangible advantages to users differentiate DFS Diamon tungsten carbides from conventional instruments. These include the unique soldering technique of carbide head and steel shank. Contrary to other models, DFS Diamon does not solder the carbide head flat onto the steel shank but inserts the shank into the carbide head for soldering thereby avoiding the weak link of conventional soldering. In addition, we achieve perfect concentricity resulting in smoother, vibration-free running.

The DFS Diamon design of the cutting blades is an additional feature which combines the advantage of sharp blades with an improved support, making cutting surfaces more stable and long-lasting.

Uni Disc

The next unique DFS Diamon feature is the Uni Disc which is mounted onto the shank. The propeller-shaped plastic accessory protects chuck and bearings from dust and provides an additional airflow.

Product range

It is our ambition to provide technicians with high performing instruments meeting the highest quality standards for all relevant dental materials and applications. In addition to important classical applications such as non-precious alloys, acrylics and plaster, the product range also contains instruments for soft lining material, titanium, composites and other. The wide range of shapes and diameters cover every need.

Turbo carbide cutters

The Turbo carbide cutters are highly popular around the world for applications on plaster and acrylics. The blades' extra coarse design facilitates consistently high cutting efficiency. 

Several sharp cutters are available for cutting tray material, thermoplastics and other acrylics, such as the Tri-Cutter or the Mini-Tri.

Carbide cutters Macro, Quattro, Micro and Milli-Micron

The classical cross-cut designs are of course also part of the DFS Diamon range. Our cross-cuts are reliable high performers especially suited for non-precious alloys, acrylics (Macro) and composites (Micro). The cut designs range from coarse (Macro) to superfine (Milli-Micron), the finer the cut the smoother the resulting surface of the workpiece and the less abrasion is produced. A selection of the Quattro and Micro series is also available with TiN (titanium nitride) coating.

Double-end carbide cutters

Double-ended cutters such as the Bibur are a unique DFS Diamon innovation. Both ends of the carbide have a cutting area (in different designs), by simply switching around the instrument, technicians have a second cutter available.

Carbide cutters Strato and Matro

These two carbide series are specially designed for acrylics and are among the most popular carbide cutters worldwide for this application.

Carbide cutters Super-Tech and Titano

The unique feature of the Super-Tech cutters is the three-sectional cut which goes beyond the classical crosscut. Super-Tech and Titano burs are a great option when working on difficult alloys, such as titanium, but also perform well on non-precious alloys.

Carbide cutters Star and Super-Star

These series of carbide cutters are for fast and effective grinding of tough acrylic veneers (Star) and soft lining material (Super-Star).

BlueStar® carbide cutters

The newly developed Blue Star® coating (the newest generation of supernitrides) excel by their improved lifetime. The coating significantly reduces friction resistance while maintaining the cutting performance and thereby extending the lifetime of the instruments.

Keramo burs

Keramo burs are manufactured directly from zirconia powder using a unique additive manufacturing technology. This manufacturing process delivers improved lifetime and stability. Keramo burs are best used on soft line materials and Valplast.   

Other instruments

The Okklu-Point bur has been designed for occlusal ceramic fissures. A new series of steel burs are an efficient and attractive option for working on soft lining material.

HP carbide instruments

In addition to standard shapes such as carbide rosehead burs and fissure burs, DFS Diamon also offers specially developed carbide instruments such as the Okklu-Star and special finishing burs.


Adjustment Of Acrylics

Adjustment Of Partial Framework, Crowns & Bridges

Blue Star® Carbide On Metal

Blue Star® On Acrylics