The fast and easy way to remove fractured roots in animals

rootEX® is the first and only instrument to remove fractured roots without additional surgical interventions.

European patent 3251627
US patent 10,905,525
Russian patent 2018144660/14 (074516)


Fast and cost-efficient removal of fractured roots without additional surgery.



Weakening of jaw bones can be avoided as no surgical intervention into the root/bone is required.



Strong and stable material (medical grade steel) ensures optimal performance and significantly reduces the risk of fractured instruments.



Unique retentions (barbs) on the surface of the plug (created by special lasers) ensure friction-lock of the instrument into the fractured root.



The rootEX® plug is for single use only.

The drill is reusable.



Veterinärmedizin Steps



Contrary to conventional tools and instruments which remove fractured teeth and roots, the patent-protected rootEX® system provides an easy and safe alternative to extract fractured roots without complications. The innovative retentive barbs on the surface of the plug constitute a wholly new and unique technical solution to this problem.

Existing instruments risk further fracturing of the root by over screwing. The rootEX® system eliminates the need for screwing by first drilling a small hole and subsequently inserting a plug straight into the root.



Once the plug in fully inserted into the root canal, the retentive elements of the rootEX® plug exert an extractive strength of over 80N via the friction-lock of the retentive barbs. The effortless, minimally invasive extraction from the alveola is thus possible without any complications.





Can the drills or plugs break in difficult situations?

The rootEX® instruments are made from medical-grade hardened steel, breakage is highly unlikely if used correctly.


What is the cost-benefit ratio in terms of time expenditure?

The rootEX® instruments require only two simple steps, this warrants a faster and therefore more cost-efficient extraction of root fragments.

Are rootEX® instruments multi-use?

To ensure the safe functioning of the rootEX® instrument, a new plug is required for each extraction. Drills can be used multiple times (suitable for reprocessing: Sterilisers, Thermal Disinfectors).


Should the user expect animals to suffer pain while using this extraction technology?

Animals will suffer significantly less pain due to the minimally invasive procedure in addition to a faster healing process compared to conventional techniques.

Are rootEX® instruments easy to use?

rootEX® instruments require only two simple steps and are therefore exceedingly easy to use. No new or additional equipment is required.


Will rootEX® be applicable in additional situations going forward?

The rootEX® technology can also be used on larger animals, this will however require additional (larger) variants. The current application is for companion animals only, specifically dogs and cats.

Which speed should be used when using the rootEX® drill?

Please use the drills at the lowest possible speed.





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