DFS Diamon polishers and polishing systems
DFS Diamon polishers and polishing systems

Upofix® polishing system

The Upofix® dental polishing system consists of six polishing brushes with fibers ranging from extracoarse to superfine in terms of abrasion and strength. The main advantage of this system is that a broad range of materials can be polished in one or two steps using only six polishers. The fibers adapt to the shape of the workpiece and allow the technician to effectively polish and finish all surfaces including difficult areas such as interdental spaces.

Please note that the Upofix® polishing instruments should be used at low speed (2000-5000 rpm) using high-torque micro motors. As a general rule, low speed and firm pressure results in light abrasion whereas technicians should reduce pressure at slightly higher speeds in order to achieve shine or high shine on the workpiece. Intermittent pressure and circular, diagonal movements improve the polishing result.

Upofix® polishers 0 to 3 are intended for metals with Upofix® I and II as prepolisher and shine polisher respectively. Upofix® III and IV are best suited to ceramics as prepolisher and shine polisher and Upofix® IV and V are best used on composites and acrylics as prepolisher and shine polisher.

Polishing instruments

A number of special polishers have been developed by DFS Diamon as alternative polishing and finishing instruments. First among them are the Unifix polishing instruments which are highly effective at low speed on ceramics and composites. This is due to their diamond-impregnated fibers. The combination of goat hair brushes and DFS Diamon Xtreme polishing paste deliver excellent polishing results on precious metal alloys, composites and acrylics. The cotton polisher Supershiny and the two Hypofix polishing instruments are intended for dental metal alloys. The diamond-impregnated felt polisher Diafix® delivers the ultimate high shine on ceramics and composites.

Polishing brushes

The idea behind the development of the DFS Diamon polishing brushes is to provide technicians with an easy and efficient polishing solution and for them to have better control while operating the brushes. For this reason we integrated the polishing paste into the polishing brush so that sputtering and smearing of the polishing paste can be avoided.

Hypofix Polyacryl is intended for polishing of acrylic dentures whereas Hypofix-Alpha and Beta are suitable for dental metal alloys.


The assortment of DFS Diamon polishers contains polishers suitable for all relevant dental materials used in the dental lab. We recommend the Duropol polishers in two shapes for coarse polishing of acrylics. The Palapol polisher range has been popular for decades worldwide as a convincing, effective polishing solution for all acrylics including soft lining material. The Palapol polishers are available in three shapes in two polishing steps.

Uni-Pol and Multipol polishers are intended as metal polishers, with the latter available again in three shapes and two polishing steps. Polo and Polli are additional polishers suitable for dental metal alloys.

For ceramics we recommend the Top-Glaze polishers which ensure outstanding polishing results on ceramics as well as on metals thanks to the high diamond concentration.

The Silco-Pol universal polisher is also popular worldwide as it sets the industry standard in terms of efficiency on precious alloys, non-precious alloys, composite and ceramics.

Titanopol has been developed for polishing titanium with three shapes and three polishing steps available.


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