Products for working on ceramics
Products for working on ceramics

This product segment contains the most important dental ceramic instruments for use on porcelain.

Ceramic brushes

The Kera-Brush and Kera-Brush S are the ultimate quality brush for the demanding ceramist. Manufactured with Kolinsky hair, the brushes contain moving balls inside their tip, which keep the tip of the brush in shape after dipping it in water and quickly shaking it to move the balls. Kera-Brush and Kera-Brush S are different only in size.

DFS Diamon offers a series of additional special brushes for porcelain, among them the flat brush with natural hair for applying opaque and glaze material. The Mini-Brush is a special brush for occlusal surfaces, the cleaning brush on the other hand is helpful to clean the inner surfaces of crowns (both with natural hair). The Stain brush made from synthetic hair is utilized for staining ceramics and finally the smoothing brush is a great option for smoothing ceramics.

Next to these special brush designs, the product range also includes standard ceramic brushes for porcelain either with synthetic or natural hair in sizes 000 to 14.


The DFS Diamon Kera-Grip series of forceps consists of three variants (straight, curved and vaulted), each one with diamond inserts included. These inserts are also available as spare parts. The Crowny forceps, an elegant crown holder for the demanding ceramist (also with diamond inserts) and the Teleskofix forceps with specially shaped diamond inserts complete the assortment in this section.

Firing trays

The DFS Diamon firing trays are characterized by extremely low temperature absorption and trouble-free heating/cooling down. Firing trays are available in two different shapes, either as two pieces per packaging unit or in a set together with metal pins. Metal pins are available straight, for incisives, with nose for incisives, curved for premolars and for molars.

Diamond spray

The DFS Diamon diamond spray is intended for high shine polishing of ceramics and composites as well as for secondary parts of telescopic crowns and attachments (especially non-precious alloys). The ultrafine diamond grit (3-5µ) will not create abrasion or impact the structure of surfaces. High shine will appear shortly after spraying and polishing with any suitable polishing instrument.

Polishing paste

The polishing paste Xtreme is a new development featuring a high concentration of diamonds suitable for all ceramics including zirconia monoliths. The exceptional concentration of diamonds rapidly delivers a high shine which nothing left to be desired. The texture of the polishing paste facilitates polishing e.g. when using a goat hair brush for polishing.

Texture marker

The newly developed texture marker gold helps to visualize surface structures in different colors (plaster/ceramics). After a single, thinly spread application, the textures of plaster and porcelain are clearly visible. The texture marker gold can be easily removed with water and does not discolor the plaster.