Casting system Thermo-Fix, investments and accessories
Casting system Thermo-Fix, investments and accessories


The phosphate-bonded investment Vesto-Fix® is graphite-free and especially suitable for non-precious alloys. Both regular and speed heating is possible. Technicians can control the fit by adjusting the ratio of liquid to distilled water in order to meet their specific requirements. The high-quality, controlled raw materials and the gentle mixing process make sure that users will experience consistent, replicable accuracy and quality. De-vesting cast objects from a Vesto-Fix® muffle is easy.

Diavest Turbo is the DFS Diamon investment for partial framework (speed heating). Diavest Turbo is phosphate-bonded und graphite-free.

Orovest has become an increasingly popular investment as it is not only suitable for precious alloys but also for press ceramics including lithium disilicate.

All DFS Diamon investments are packed with sufficient liquid in different packaging units between 4,8 kg and 20 kg. The expansion liquid is also available single in 1, 3 or 5 liter sizes.

Adhesive spray and Kera-Sep spray

Both sprays are important and helpful accessories for casting processes. The adhesive spray is designed for the application of wax relief parts before casting. It leaves a thin layer when evenly sprayed onto either hardened or unhardened models. Wax relief parts stick and will not detach during the investment vibration. Modellations are enhanced as waxing of single parts is not required.

Kera-Sep Spray is a silicone-free separation spray for ceramics against plaster. We recommend spraying the objects twice at a 1 min interval, spray traces remaining on the ceramics burn without residue.

Instructions for use