Bone cutters and other surgical instruments
Bone cutters and other surgical instruments

DFS Diamon surgical instruments are highly popular worldwide. The product range includes instruments made of medical-grade hardened steel as well as carbide instruments.

Surgical instruments made from steel are manufactured in different shank types such as FG long, right angle long and straight handpiece. The cutting design follows established best practice such as Lindemann burs but has been significantly improved using the latest manufacturing technology. The designs of the cuts ensure efficient and aggressive cutting and fast removal of bone and tissue material while running extremely smoothly practically vibration-free.

The product range of surgical carbide burs has been significantly extended. Allport carbide burs are available in all the usual diameters, the cutting efficiency has improved dramatically, again using the latest manufacturing technology. DFS Diamon also manufactures burs with a safe-end round tip (no cuts on the tip) and several other burs which are used in dental surgical applications. Examples include the carbide bur “Carboss” with a cross-cut design and the carbide bur type 255A featuring a sharp cut at the tip (available in FG, FG XL and right angle shanks).

The diamond-coated steel bone cutters Diadoss are a DFS Diamon unique product. While producing the blanks using medical-grade steel, the cut is turned into the blank of the instrument. The diamond coating uses specially selected natural diamonds, this design delivers reliable results even in difficult cases such as fractured teeth.

The precision, smooth running and cutting design of all DFS Diamon bone cutters have been specifically designed for oral surgical applications. Additionally, their long lifetime ensures that DFS Diamon instruments are of great economical value.

DFS Diamon surgical instrument range extends to tissue punches featuring excellent stability and long-lasting sharpness and cutting efficiency. The tissue punches are available in various diameters and intended for cutting/punching soft tissue in non-flap implantology.