Precicut® DFS Diamon Soft Tissue trimmer
Precicut® DFS Diamon Soft Tissue trimmer

Application of the soft tissue trimmer

The DFS Diamon Precicut® precision tissue trimmer is an efficient alternative to scalpels and electric surgery. The instruments are inserted into the high speed turbine like any other dental FG bur. The recommended operating speed is 300.000 rpm. The soft tissue trimmer should be applied at a 90° angle to the gingival surface with only light pressure. The direction of the cut is identical to a scalpel; given the high manufacturing precision the user will enjoy optimal control. Contrary to conventional tissue trimmers with a round tip, the Precicut® features a sharp tip. As a consequence, a smaller cut is needed and the operating precision improves. The Precicut® must not be used with water cooling.

Mode of action

When using the Precicut® soft tissue trimmer at high speed, only the tip made of a special ceramic consisting of yttrium-stabilized nano-structure zirconia will heat up because of the tissue friction. This causes immediate tissue coagulation at the surface of the cut and thereby prevents bleeding almost entirely, provided that no water cooling is used. Both the tip and the surface will not dull, thus guaranteeing a long service life.


The sterilization process is identical to that of other surgical instruments. The Precicut® precision tissue trimmer is highly break-resistant and is able to withstand extreme pressure. (see DFS Instructions for reprocessing)


DFS-Diamon manufactures two versions of the Precicut® instruments in different lengths.