Here you will find selected videos that show how our instruments and materials are used.

Dental Lab Carbide burs

Adjustment Of Acrylics

Adjustment Of Partial Framework, Crowns & Bridges

Blue Star® Carbide On Metal

Blue Star® Carbide On Acrylics

Dental Lab Sintered Diamonds

Adjustment Of Partial Framework CPD

Dental Lab Zirconia

Adjustment & Polishing Of Zirconia


Diamond Instrument On Zirconia

Dental Lab Diamond discs and diamond instruments

Diamond Disc

Segmenting Of Dies

Dental Lab Polisher

Circopol Lab

Polishing Acrylics

Polishing Of Partial Framework, Crowns and Bridges

Polishing Of Porcelain

Polishing Crowns and Bridges Silcopol

Dental Lab Plaster/Plaster tools

Die Spacer

Dental Lab Occlusion spray

Telescan Spray Red

Dentistry Diamond instruments

Crown Cutter Softy Longlife