Occlusion spray, Telescan and other consumables
Occlusion spray, Telescan and other consumables


The DFS Diamon Okklean® occlusion spray has been extremely popular around the world for decades. The spray is available flammable and non-flammable, in each case in green, red, blue white and gold. The packaging unit of the occlusion spray is a bottle containing 75 ml including a tube nozzle.

Okklean® occlusion spray is insoluble in water and alcohol and therefore does not discolor the plaster models. The spray is intended for the marking of contact points on prosthetic work and crowns via a thin easily dosed color film. The thickness of the occlusion spray film is only 6-8µ. Okklean® can be easily removed with a brush, or in case of deep or porose materials with a steam-jet.

Telescan CAD/CAM scan spray

Telescan spray is available in white and red colors. It's intended use during CAD/CAM scanning is to avoid the mirror effect on scanned objects, thereby improving the scan quality. In addition, Telescan can be used for friction testing on telescopic crowns and attachments. The fine, dry powder film can be easily removed with a brush. Telescan is insoluble in water and alcohol.

Other consumables

The solder heat protection paste with Thermofill, reliably protects acrylic parts of CPD while soldering. The paste is heat-resistant up to approximately 1200°C, however, after soldering the solder, the heat protection paste can be easily removed under running water.

The Top Glue DFS Diamon speed glue is a superfast speed glue on methyl ester basis intended for easy and accurate assembly of many materials such as plaster, metal, acrylics, wax, ceramics etc. Top Glue can also be used as a surface hardener and sealer on dry plaster. Compatible with Durolan die spacer.


Telescan Spray Red